Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting our people, the environment and our local communities



Logicalis recognises that its people are critical to the ongoing success of the business and, by striving to attract the best talent, develop and reward its people for great performance and engage effectively with them, Logicalis aims to optimise the performance of the business. 

In Logicalis, the focus on advanced technologies requires a high level of technical expertise, and management works closely with its vendors to ensure that employees are trained appropriately and have the necessary accreditations. In the interests of the long-term sustainability of the business and in order to retain some of our top leadership talent,

Logicalis has launched a Group-wide leadership development programme in FY2017, aimed at developing our senior leaders of the future for the challenges of our fast changing industry. The programme focuses on developing leaders’ self-awareness, and explores key leadership competencies such as customer insight, strategic thinking and change leadership.

There is also an initiative this year to develop our employees’ business and people skills, to equip them with some critical skills to be more effective in their roles, such as delivering great customer service and managing people successfully.

Logicalis has a culture of meritocracy where great performance is rewarded. The majority of employees at Logicalis have performance objectives which are linked to the strategy of the local business. Talent and succession management reviews of the leadership team in each business are held annually, to focus on the retention of top talent and effective succession management.

Logicalis aims to be an employer of choice within the technology industry, attracting, developing and retaining the best talent. To assess what its employees think of the business, Logicalis conducted its first Group-wide employee engagement survey in FY2015, where many improvements were made within the different operations, as well as for example, at a group-wide level, the social collaboration tool ‘Logicalis Connected’ was launched to encourage communication and the sharing of ideas across the business. The next survey will take place in June this year.

In FY2017, the business is also formally launching an international mobility programme, to enable leadership and technical expertise to be moved around the business, to solve particular challenges and also to offer enriching development opportunities for some of our employees. There are already a significant number of assignments taking place within the Latin America region and the new policies should facilitate more assignments around the rest of the Group. A further priority in FY2017 is to start developing a more standardised approach across the business to career bands and career paths, which can support the retention of talent, as employees can then understand how they can develop long-term careers at Logicalis.

Human resource practices and policies ensure that all employees, wherever they work, whatever their role, are treated equally, fairly and respectfully at all times. Logicalis maintains consistent and transparent diversity policies across all its markets. All employees within

Logicalis annually complete an online Code of Conduct training course to remind them of the importance of integrity to the success of the business.

Logicalis believes that career opportunity, recognition and reward should be determined by a person’s capabilities and achievement, not their age, gender, sexual orientation, racereligion or nationality. 


As a responsible international provider of IT solutions, Logicalis seeks to measure and minimise the way in which any of its commercial activities may impact on the environment.

Logicalis is also committed to providing practical advice and support to its customers and vendor partners to help them along the path to ever cleaner and greener IT solutions.

As an early adopter of Green IT ideas and activities, Logicalis recognises that a responsible attitude to Green IT can lead to significant reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions. As well as reducing greenhouse gases and operational costs, the technologies it promotes, such as remote working and video and teleconferencing, enable more flexible working, greater productivity and improved business continuity.

Logicalis promotes remote working and video conferencing across regional and home offices to minimise car or air transportation and reduce its carbon footprint. This is also supported through Logicalis’ schemes to encourage employees to use public transport.

Many of our local operations support initiatives for reducing power and water usage and monitoring waste reduction in our offices.

These range from paper and plastic recycling to water filtration and office lighting efficiency systems.

Our data centres are designed to best practice standards to measure power usage effectiveness (PUE) and save energy.


During 2015, all our operating companies increased their activity in helping to improve the quality of life for their local communities. Here are just a few highlights:

During the 2015 holiday season, Logicalis US donated $75,000 to 35 organisations in the communities it serves across the US. In addition, Logicalis US encourages all employees to donate their time in their local community by allowing eight hours of paid time off annually.

Logicalis Singapore provided voluntary support to SWAMI Home, a voluntary charity organisation for care of the elderly and the needy. It supported activities that included playing games with the elderly, sponsoring tea break pastries and having a birthday celebration for elderly people who had a birthday in July. They also participated in another volunteering programme to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, the largest medical facility in Singapore that provides specialist care for women and children.

Logicalis SMC in the Netherlands supported community and sport events to raise awareness and money (€3,000) for the Dutch KWF Cancer Foundation and the Movember Foundation against prostate cancer. It is also supporting a programme to educate schools and communities in Mbeya (Tanzania) in how to use water filters and therefore drink cleaner drinking water. The contribution for this project is part of a programme from its coffee supplier Roots and Wings. For every coffee bag the company buys, Roots and Wings will donate a small amount to its chosen micro-project in Tanzania.

Logicalis UK raised £1,200 for the Shelter housing and homelessness charity. This was from a Christmas raffle and money raised from a Rugby World Cup predictor competition.

A team from Logicalis Ireland took part in a corporate five kilometre event and in doing so raised €700 for the LauraLynn Hospice.

Logicalis Germany made donations of money, clothes and household goods to support refugees staying at the refugee camp in Neu-Isenburg as well as helping accepted asylum seekers to integrate into the local community.

Logicalis Australia made a donation to CareFlight Magic Mania events, which provides outings for special needs children and their parent/s or caregiver.

In Brazil, PromonLogicalis donated 30 desktop computers to Projeto Casulo, which supports young children and adults in education programmes for work and their local community. It also donated some household appliances to Casa do Zezinho, a non-profit organisation that supports young people and children from low-income families living in highly vulnerable situations. The institution offers supplementary education such as art, culture and professional training workshops.