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Assessment Services

To ensure your environment is performing to its best capacity, this service will assess and audit your existing infrastructure and make appropriate technical, operational, security and compliance recommendations needed to deliver against the defined strategy.

We deliver a range of audits, security and asset reviews and optimisation services that spans our technology areas – Data Centre, Communications and Collaboration, Mobility, Data & Information Management.

The business benefits

  • Ensure your environment is operating at optimal efficiency
  • Facilitate new deployments and upgrades
  • Detect performance and technology issues
  • Prioritise steps for implementation and/or migration
Assessment Services to Suit Your Needs

Assessment Services to Suit Your Needs

Logicalis will work with you to assess your infrastructure, and carry out an audit as part of our optimal services offering.

Logicalis Optimal Services give CIOs greater visibility and control over the overhead of their technology, infrastructure & operations. This gives you both the capability and opportunity to play a more proactive role in achieving your organisations’ business optimisation and transformation goals.

Logicalis Optimal Services are built upon industry best practice services framework and world-class ITIL service processes.  Our scope of service spans the entire enterprise platform lifecycle, from traditional maintenance and monitoring services through to advanced private cloud platform management.

Logicalis Business Productivity Services help accelerate business growth by:

Services that optimise technology investments and IT operations

Getting the best possible value from technology investments is a key objective for most organisations. To achieve this you need to be certain that all new technology investments are closely aligned with your key business drivers and overall corporate strategy.

Logicalis TI&O services portfolio enables you to meet the business and operational imperatives for your organisation by: