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Call Centre

Logicalis provides businesses of all sizes with world-class contact centre solutions powered by Asterisk, an open source framework for building communications platforms.

Customised end-to-end solutions from our VoIP platforms and services through to consulting and analytics has made us the local leader in the Asterisk based call centre market

Business benefits

  • Intelligent outbound dialers
  • Inbound solutions providing professional agent service
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Omni-channel call centre platform can meet the growing demands of business
  • Hosted content centre solutions
  • 24/7 monitoring as well as features like analytics and wallboards
Discover Solutions

Discover Solutions


Inbound call centre solutions help businesses effectively communicate with their customers using voice and alternative channels.

The starting point is a well-designed IVR with the goal of providing helpful customer service and avoiding customer frustration. Motion is an omni-channel solution that enables effective engagement with a large number of customers on a variety of channels.

A key to managing call centres is the gathering of information to measure and report productivity of agents as well as the quality of the customer service they deliver. We use QueueMetrics, world-leading analytics software that satisfies even the most demanding needs for call centre management reporting. This is complemented by self-customisable wallboard solutions that provide real-time monitoring and reporting.


We are leading VICIdial and Motion solution providers in Africa, with years of experience implementing, optimising and supporting scalable and robust dialer solutions. Understanding the leads and outcomes from call centre interactions is crucial to our clients’ success, and our solutions integrate that information back into their systems to enable effective business decisions. Call recordings, QA, flexible analytics and real-time wallboards all help to achieve this goal.


Using the Logicalis virtual hosting service, LSACloud, clients can rely on a platform that is scalable, reliable, secure and cost-effective for call centres of almost any size.

With our uncontended high-speed fibre network service, LSAConnect, clients are assured of fast, reliable connectivity from their premises to their call centre platforms in the cloud. Plus the backup and disaster recovery services that complement LSACloud provide our clients with peace of mind that their call centre data is backed up and rapidly Call Reporter

Business Continuity

Solutions are designed to be highly available whether on-premise or in the cloud, assuring agent uptime in the call centre.

With extensive experience in developing managed backup and recovery services, we can provide clients with cost-effective customised solutions that minimises downtime and the risk of data loss in the contact centre.

Key contact centre offerings

Support and Training