Effective communication and collaboration provide breakthrough levels of business performance

Effective communications and collaboration provides breakthrough levels of business performance

Collaboration is a critical investment for any organisation looking for new sources of productivity and innovation achieved by communication and tapping into the collective knowledge and creativity of your workforce.

Simplify your communication and collaboration

Integrated approach

Integrated approach

With a deep understanding of all the products available on the market we are able to seamlessly integrate them with your organisations work-flow to improve productivity.



An infrastructure that is completely safe, secure and tailored to your needs whether that is located on premises, outsourced, hosted or delivered as a service.



All voice and other communication services are unified into one solution, accessed through a single interface.



Coordinate your security strategy with your business operations and match it to your particular risk profile.

Revolutionise your business

Effective workforce

Creates an environment where people can work effectively together anywhere, anytime, optimising productivity and reducing cost.

Highly adaptable

Helps organisations to stay close with their customers and adapt to changing customer environments.

More responsive

Improves responsiveness to market changes, accelerating the adoption of flexible, real-time business models.

Global network

Supports an increasingly complex global network as geographical barriers are reduced with remote working approaches.

A secure solution tailored to you

We understand that you need a secure Communications & Collaboration solution to meet the challenges facing your business. Working closely with you to apply advanced technologies in a way that makes communications and collaboration much simpler, rather than more complicated.

We provide a range of options and as much guidance as you need to help you decide on the approach that’s right for you. Once you decide, we will merge all voice and other communications services into one unified solution and provide a single interface through which you can access everything you need to collaborate more efficiently and effectively.

Speedy rollout of communication and collaboration tools

Case Study

The swift rollout of communication and collaboration tools ensured business continuity during challenging times.

Why Logicalis?


Global presence, local execution

With a physical presence in 27 countries and experience working with global customers, we’re a #1 MSP in the mid-market sector, serving 10,000 customers worldwide.


End-to-end capabilities

We have unique consulting capabilities as well as managed services for implementing and running cloud solutions and managing the customer lifecycle.


Value-driven engagements

Occupying a space between GSIs, local specialist Sis and service providers, means our repeatable model is focused on simplicity, speed and agility to help clients achieve value faster, with less risk.


Industry specialists

Our network of 6,500 employees has strong expertise in architecting change in financial services, banking, healthcare, government, manufacturing and more.

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