Expert holistic monitoring and management to create business success

Expert holistic monitoring and management to create business success

A cost-effective, efficient solution, managed services provides monitoring and management of IT systems across the globe.

Structured solutions that scales

Access to skilled technicians and resources

Access to skilled experts

We provide instant access to skilled technicians and advanced toolsets resulting in faster diagnoses and remediation.

Insight into service improvements

Insight into service improvements

Access to data and information to uncover actionable insights that lead to service improvements.

Reduce IT costs and complexity

Reduce IT costs and complexity

With a predictable monthly fee, managed services provide complete peace of mind.

Focus on strategic issues

Focus on strategic issues

Free up internal resource to focus on strategic alignment rather than being regularly drawn into crisis management.

Benefit from global expertise

Single point of contact

Benefit from multiple contractors without the hassle using a single point of contact.

Accessible expertise

Instance access to highly skilled technicians and resources.

Clear framework

Adhering to the service management IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards and follows a clear framework for success.

Logicalis has Managed Services capability on a global scale, with a common service delivery framework. This means we can support your organisation wherever it chooses to operate to the same high standards. We offer three core levels of managed service:

  • Support – maintaining existing infrastructure with basic service monitoring
  • Out-tasking – managing discrete and distinct tasks, from service desk, administration and remote monitoring, to full network and server infrastructure management or hosting and managed services.
  • Outsourcing – transfer of assets, staff and IT function

Freeing up focus for strategic issues

Case Study

Leading convenience store uses Logicalis Cloud Managed Services to free up focus from IT to business strategy.

Why Logicalis?


Global presence, local execution

With a physical presence in 27 countries and experience working with global customers, we’re a #1 MSP in the mid-market sector, serving 10,000 customers worldwide.


End-to-end capabilities

We have unique consulting capabilities as well as managed services for implementing and running cloud solutions and managing the customer lifecycle.


Value-driven engagements

Occupying a space between GSIs, local specialist Sis and service providers, means our repeatable model is focused on simplicity, speed and agility to help clients achieve value faster, with less risk.


Industry specialists

Our network of 6,500 employees has strong expertise in architecting change in financial services, banking, healthcare, government, manufacturing and more.

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