Integrating intelligence into networks

Integrate intelligence into your networks

Leverage next-generation technology to build intelligence into your wired and wireless networks.

Build your smart network

End-to-end Security Architecture

Total security architecture

Identity-based Network Access Control services provides network-wide creation, distribution, and monitoring of security policies based on contextual knowledge with universal access user clients facilitate network access, user authentication, remote VPN access and content filtering enforcement.

Network awareness

Network awareness

Intelligent network devices automatically identify applications and apply appropriate QoS, optimising communications via interaction of applications, such as web conferencing, with network devices.

Provisioning, management, and monitoring

Zero-touch deployment

Workflow-based tools enable zero-touch deployment of network infrastructure including provisioning, management and monitoring, to enable IT to focus on more strategic tasks like network planning and new solution deployment.

Cloud computing consumption models

Better performance

Use cloud computing consumption model technologies to ensure greater security, performance and availability.

Improve your business

Network transformation

Don’t let communication and collaboration requirements overload your network and instead benefit from a flexible transformative approach.

Simplify complexity

Simplify network complexity, improve application performance, boost productivity, tighten security, improve management and reduce overall ownership costs for your IT infrastructure.

The ultimate connection

With our borderless network solutions, enable your IT organisation to architect and deploy systems and policies more efficiently. They will be able to provide secure, reliable and seamless access to resources from multiple locations and multiple devices to applications located anywhere.

Network support

Ensure your network availability for all users and locations with Logicalis network support for LAN and WAN devices. Our management services for network devices provide the connectivity you need to keep your business operational.

Helping you to build your smart network

We manage the complexity of separate wired and wireless networks, multiple management systems and network opertating systems. 

Supporting access to increasing numbers and types of devices, we leverage next-generation technologies to enable higher amounts of data transfer. 

Creating consistency in the wired and wireless architecture, this helps to provide the same level of granular quality of service, policy and security enforcement across your networks.

Full network visibility, shorter response time for Indonesia's leading in-flight operator

Case Study

Improved networking solutions lead to customer issues being resolved faster with less cost.

Aerofood ACS were looking for a solution to resolved a siloed operation and better monitor network usage and performance.

Why Logicalis?


Global presence, local execution

With a physical presence in 27 countries and experience working with global customers, we’re a #1 MSP in the mid-market sector, serving 10,000 customers worldwide.


End-to-end capabilities

We have unique consulting capabilities as well as managed services for implementing and running cloud solutions and managing the customer lifecycle.


Value-driven engagements

Occupying a space between GSIs, local specialist Sis and service providers, means our repeatable model is focused on simplicity, speed and agility to help clients achieve value faster, with less risk.


Industry specialists

Our network of 6,500 employees has strong expertise in architecting change in financial services, banking, healthcare, government, manufacturing and more.

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