Secure Hybrid Cloud

End-to-end management of your Hybrid Cloud

How well-architected are your cloud environments? Are you optimised to ensure your most sensitive information is secure?

Our teams at Logicalis offer a range of services and solutions that will safeguard your critical data, applications, and IT resources in the cloud.

Industry challenges

Of organisations have misconfigurations in their cloud environments
Of breaches involved data stored in cloud environments.
Organisations that are investing in security automation tools to enhance their hybrid cloud security posture.

Why Secure Hybrid Cloud?

Protecting data in hybrid cloud environments is crucial to prevent data breaches. Here are some of the ways Logicalis can help secure your Hybrid Cloud.

Gain visibility and control over data

In a hybrid cloud environment data is spread across diverse platforms and locations, making visibility and control a challenge.

Our teams will help you understand where your data resides, the sensitivity of that data and how to apply the right restrictions so data sets can only be accessed by the right users.

Monitor and audit configurations

Many hybrid cloud environments are set up without following industry standard frameworks. This can present a significant security risk.

Logicalis can work with your teams to audit your hybrid cloud environment and then configure your set up to ensure data can only be accessed through strict authorisation policies.

Be prepared with a recovery plan

With the risk of a cyber attack increasing daily, it’s essential your business is prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Our teams will work with you so you can anticipate all eventualities. We can help you to secure backups, produce and protect air-gapped copies, and design a robust, tried and tested data recovery plan.

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Benefits of Secure Hybrid Cloud from Logicalis

Industry standards

Logicalis adhere to major industry standards and compliance frameworks for all Hybrid Cloud services and solutions. This ensures your environment remains compliant and secure.

Global reach

With 24/7 SOC capability and presence in over 30 territories worldwide, Logicalis can combine local expertise with a global pool of skilled professionals for your projects and services.

Azure Expert MSP

Logicalis have attained Microsoft highest accreditation for Azure and are placed in the top tier of partners to offer Azure Managed Services for our customers.

Azure score

Our Azure Managed services have an SLA of at last 80 Azure Security Score. By migrating to our managed services you ensure your organisation is implementing best practice cloud configurations.

Ensure coverage through our Intelligent Security blueprint

The Logicalis Intelligent Security Blueprint offers comprehensive guidance for navigating today's complex security landscape. 

By integrating security across an organization's infrastructure, from network to data and identity, Logicalis ensures a cohesive and robust defense strategy. The blueprint covers essential pillars, including Advisory for GRC consultancy, Secure Workplace for safeguarding communications and devices, Secure Connectivity for protecting the network, Secure Hybrid Cloud for managing data across environments, and Secure Operations for SOC services. 

With Logicalis as a strategic security partner, organisations gain the tools and expertise needed to protect their business, assets, and customers effectively.

The Secure Hybrid Cloud Services

Cloud Application Security

Cloud Application Security enables organisations to protect applications and data in collaborative cloud environments. Logicalis can create application-level policies, tools, technologies, and rules to maintain visibility of all cloud-based assets, protect cloud-based applications from cyberattacks, and limit access only to authorised users.

Multi-Cloud Defence

Our Multi-Cloud Defence service uses strategies and practices to secure and manage applications and data across multiple cloud environments. It involves implementing consistent security policies, monitoring for threats, and ensuring compliance across all cloud providers.

Secure Workload

Our Secure Workload service is designed to implement robust security measures to protect digital assets, applications, and data within your organisation. This includes strategies such as access controls, encryption, monitoring, and vulnerability management to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your critical workloads.

API Security

Protect application programming interfaces (API) from unauthorised access, data breaches, and other security threats. Our service provides authentication, authorisation, encryption, rate limiting, and monitoring to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of APIs.


Data Clean-Rooms allow organisations to access and collaborate on their data without the risk of it falling victim to a cyberattack or leakage. These rooms are tightly integrated with an enterprise’s logging and monitoring tools, providing a full audit of all data access and movement. By implementing data clean rooms, organisations can mitigate the risks associated with data security, protecting against unauthorised access, data breaches, and cyber threats.

Managed Secure Backup

Logicalis can ensure that our organisation’s digital assets are stored securely, with data encryption and can be recovered quickly. Combined with additional cyber protection features, we ensure your data remains safe.

Defender for Cloud

Secure cloud based applications from cyber threats and vulnerabilities by combining security measures and practices across multi cloud. Protect your cloud workloads.

Air-Gapped Backup

Logicalis Air-Gapped Backup maintains a barrier between data and online access, helping to protect critical information.

Customer success story

syringe and doctor

Enhancing security posture and operational efficiency for a leading health and toxicology company

In partnership with Logicalis, an international health and toxicology company pursued a digital transformation to boost security and operational efficiency. Facing increased security challenges and staff turnover, the company sought a reliable IT security partner. Read more to chart their digital growth and resilience.

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Our partners

We work with leading global partners to deliver our Secure Hybrid Cloud services and solutions.

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