Deep Observability

Detect hidden threats and eliminate security blindspots

Reduce data costs with de-duplication, secure your hybrid cloud environment, and optimise business agility


Reduce network traffic


Deep Observability solutions help to eliminate data duplication and can reduce network traffic by as much as 50%, resulting in large cost savings.

Enable true Zero-Trust


Achieve true Zero-Trust capability by getting visibility over all your network traffic. Detect hidden threats and boost your network intelligence.

Support existing technologies


Deep Observability solutions are implemented to support your existing technologies without having to replace or modify them.

Our Deep Observability partner


Detect unseen threats in your systems

Logicalis has partnered with Gigagmon to deliver powerful Deep Observability solutions to enterprise companies.

What does Gigamon do?

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What is Deep Observability?

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Detect unseen threats and improve your network intelligence.