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With the increase in data breaches, cyber threats, and regulatory compliance requirements, we all need to ensure our cybersecurity measures are current and effective.

Working together we can help you navigate the complex threat landscape and put the right solutions in place for your organisation.

Challenges facing organisations

Over three-quarters of companies report a widening gap between security exposures and their ability to manage them.
The percentage of organisations that feel they are losing control over their IT and security environments.
Of organisations found Zero Trust segmentation to be critical for their cloud security strategy.

Why choose advisory services?

How cybersecure is your organisation? Do you really know your legacy IT? Where are your penetration points? 
Let us work with you before the attack teams get there first.

Know your threat surface

In today’s interconnected world, we are all “live” anytime, any place, anywhere. A fantastic opportunity for your business, but do you really know your entire digital ecosystem and your potential penetration points?

That’s why Logicalis offers expert advisory services to assess your setup, analyse risk factors, identify gaps, and prioritise critical areas.

Let us us create a clear picture for you today.

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Know the rules

It’s not just about the threat actors. Compliance is just as important, with government frameworks and regulatory fines facing us all if we are out of step.

Work with us so your organisation can adopt industry-leading best practice. Leverage Zero Trust strategies and user training to accelerate your journey and become a secure business, for yourselves and for your customers.

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Know your next steps

For most of us, a cyber attack on our organisation is now a question of WHEN, not IF.

Work with us to run penetration testing, ransomware simulations, and many more scenarios to strengthen your company’s defences before the real threat arrives.

Let’s find your vulnerabilities today so we can make you stronger tomorrow.

Intelligent Security is Microsoft powered, check out our specialisations, awards and partnership with Microsoft.

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Benefits of Advisory from Logicalis

Unparalleled expertise and global reach

At Logicalis, our 7,000 Architects of Change operate across 30 territories worldwide. With a proven track record, we empower over 10,000 clients across diverse industry sectors to achieve sustainable outcomes through cutting-edge technology solutions.

Partner with us to elevate your organisation’s security posture and drive meaningful results

Unrivaled SOC expertise

With over 15 years of experience, Logicalis has cultivated a team of brilliant minds within our Security Operations Centre (SOC). Despite resource constraints in the industry, we’ve consistently attracted and retained top talent.

Trust us to safeguard your organisation with unparalleled expertise and dedication

End-to-End security guidance and execution

With over 25 years of experience, Logicalis stands out by offering both advisory expertise and execution capabilities. Unlike many other companies that solely provide advice and then outsource implementation, Logicalis can guide your security strategy and seamlessly execute it.

Trust us to be your comprehensive security partner, from planning to successful implementation.

Unrivalled Compliance Expertise

At Logicalis, our team of security experts possesses an intimate understanding of global compliance frameworks. This ensures that your company is meticulously aligned with the latest compliance laws and agreements. Trust us to safeguard your organization’s integrity and regulatory adherence.

This unique expertise provides Logicalis with a specialized lens through which we understand and optimise companies operating within the Microsoft ecosystem. Trust us to elevate your Microsoft environment with precision and strategic insight

Ensure coverage through our Intelligent Security blueprint

The Logicalis Intelligent Security Blueprint offers comprehensive guidance for navigating today's complex security landscape. 

By integrating security across an organization's infrastructure, from network to data and identity, Logicalis ensures a cohesive and robust defense strategy. The blueprint covers essential pillars, including Advisory for GRC consultancy, Secure Workplace for safeguarding communications and devices, Secure Connectivity for protecting the network, Secure Hybrid Cloud for managing data across environments, and Secure Operations for SOC services. 

With Logicalis as a strategic security partner, organisations gain the tools and expertise needed to protect their business, assets, and customers effectively.

Our Advisory Services

Zero Trust

Our Zero Trust security framework assumes no implicit trust for any user or device, regardless of their location within the network. It requires continuous verification and authorisation for access to resources, regardless of whether the user is inside or outside the organisation’s perimeter. 

Strategy and compliance

Logicalis can help organisations with their strategy and compliance to maintain a robust security posture. We can help align your security initiatives with your business goals, risk tolerance, and threat landscape. We cover decisions on resource allocation, technology adoption, and risk management whilst ensuring an adherence to legal, regulatory, and industry standards.

Managed awareness

Managed awareness services focus on educating employees and stakeholders about security best practices, threats, and risk mitigation. These services provide ongoing training, simulated phishing exercises, and awareness campaigns to enhance an organisation’s security culture and reduce the likelihood of human-related security incidents

Managed hardening and patching

Hardening involves configuring systems and applications to minimise vulnerabilities, while patching ensures that security updates are regularly applied to address known vulnerabilities and prevent breaches. By combining these practices, organisations can safeguard their systems from ever-emerging cyber threats and maintain a strong security posture.

Security assessments

Our portfolio of security assessments can evaluate your organisation’s systems, networks, and processes to identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and recommend improvements all designed to enhance your overall security posture.

Ransomware simulation

The Logicalis ransomware simulation is a controlled exercise where organisations simulate a ransomware attack to test their incident response capabilities. This helps identify vulnerabilities, assess the effectiveness of security measures, and train personnel on how to handle such threats.

Phishing simulation

Phishing simulation creates controlled scenarios to test your organisation’s susceptibility to phishing attacks. By sending mock phishing emails or messages, security teams assess employee awareness, identify vulnerabilities, and provide targeted training to prevent falling victim to real phishing threats.

User training

User training involves educating employees and stakeholders about best practices, potential threats, and risk mitigation strategies. By providing targeted training sessions, organisations can enhance security awareness, reduce human-related vulnerabilities, and foster a security-conscious culture within the workforce.

Incident readiness

Incident readiness ensures proactive preparation for handling security incidents. It involves creating and practicing incident response plans, training personnel, and ensuring that necessary tools and processes are in place to swiftly detect, contain, and mitigate cybersecurity threats.

Penetration test

Penetration testing, involves simulating cyberattacks on an organisation’s systems, networks, or applications to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Our skilled security professionals conduct these tests to assess an organisation’s security posture and recommend improvements to prevent real-world attacks.

Policy development

Policy development is an ongoing process to protect sensitive information, mitigate risks, and maintain regulatory compliance. By providing clear guidelines and practices, employees are more likely to comply with the policy, leading to consistent risk mitigation.

Risk assessment

Risk assessment is critical for identifying, analysing, and prioritising IT security risks. It involves gathering and evaluating risk information so that enterprise stakeholders can make informed mitigation decisions. Once the risks are identified, we can rank the probability of each one’s occurrence and assess its impact on the organisation.

Advisory and consultancy

Logicalis advisory and consultancy services provide security advisors and consultants that can assess an organisations risks, recommend best practices, and help implement effective security measures to protect against cyber threats and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Supply chain management

Supply chain management protects organisations as they acquire and use technology products and services by identifying, assessing, and responding to cybersecurity risks throughout the supply chain, considering vulnerabilities not only in finished products but also in their components and their journey to reach their destination.

Customer success story

aerospace manufacturing company

Enhancing security posture: A strategic partnership with a leading aerospace manufacturing corporation.

Logicalis USA has partnered with a multinational corporation to execute a comprehensive Security Benchmark and Enablement Program, aimed at evaluating and enhancing secure data management practices across 55 operating companies, aligning with government and Department of Defence security requirements.

This collaboration underscores the importance of external expertise in addressing complex security challenges, enabling organisations to elevate their security posture and foster enduring partnerships for sustained success.

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We work with leading global partners to deliver our Advisory Services and Solutions.

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