Freeing a Global Manufacturer to Grow Unimpeded with Microsoft Azure

USA, Sep 9, 2022

A manufacturer with a long 100-year history, today this ever-evolving company and their more than 19,000 employees across 90 worldwide facilities provide innovative solutions to help their customers compete in a fast-changing marketplace. They proudly carry on a tradition of innovation, quality, and service to their customers, while giving back to the communities in which they live and work.

Challenges: An Aggressive Growth Strategy.

This customer set out to double their revenue by 2025. To achieve their goal, they needed to shed some technical debt and associated costs from their legacy environment and adopt a cloud-first strategy. They needed a partner that could proactively drive their technology strategy, but it was increasingly clear that they had outgrown their existing managed services provider. They needed technical leadership to propel their business growth.

The Solution:

Assessing, Implementing, Migrating, and Managing Microsoft Azure on a Global Scale
This customer adopted a cloud-first strategy and required a trusted partner that could help align their technology strategy with their business objectives to ensure they were fully prepared for growth.

As one of less than one percent of Microsoft’s 60,000 Azure partners to achieve Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) status, Logicalis praoved they could handle managed services in their complex environment.

Using its three-step method, Logicalis performed a Cloud Readiness Assessment on the customer’s UK data center, one of five, to provide a detailed analysis of their current state and a clear migration roadmap with associated costs.

Logicalis also undertook a Cloud Security Assessment on a small existing Azure tenant to give the client the confidence needed to expand their use of Azure in a secure and compliant way.

Next, the Logicalis Production Ready Cloud Platform—a proven framework to deploy and manage Azure at speed in a cost-controlled and compliant way—was implemented and workloads were migrated to the new environment. Logicalis also re-deployed a large Citrix environment using Citrix Cloud and Azure.

Today, Logicalis—through a master service agreement—continuously manages this client’s cloud performance, optimizes cost and ensures governance and security, while proactively seeking opportunities to innovate and modernize throughout the lifecycle.

Key to the pilot project’s success was that the client knew they needed a trusted partner to help them achieve their goals. Logicalis led the way by providing clear and consistent leadership that enabled them to undertake a cloud journey.

Optimized costs — Logicalis continuously optimizes their cloud costs based on their business needs, enabling them to reduce their spend. And instead of the hidden costs and unpredictability provided by their previous MSP, they now have complete cost transparency and know exactly what to expect.
Reduced technical debt — In addition, by adopting a cloud-first strategy and moving to the Logicalis Production Ready Cloud Platform on Microsoft Azure, the client was able to reduce considerable technical debt from their legacy environment and eliminate associated maintenance costs to lower long-term TCO.

Increased agility — With the right partner and streamlined processes, this client can now quickly move on their acquisition strategy. Logicalis is also helping to re-platform their applications to better take advantage of cloud functionality and cost optimization.
With the pilot project complete and the first data center migrated, Logicalis is working to migrate the remaining data centers, leaving their client’s team free to actively pursue acquisitions that are critical to their growth strategy. And, as they bring in new acquisitions, Logicalis is helping to integrate them into the business.

At the end of the day, Logicalis, like their client, provides innovative solutions to help their customers grow and compete in a fast-changing marketplace.

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