Logicalis and Gigamon launch new Deep Observability solution to the South African Enterprise market

Logicalis and Gigamon partnership

South Africa, Nov 23, 2023

Gigamon offers a deep observability pipeline that harnesses actionable network-derived intelligence, eliminates security blind spots, and is ranked the No. 1 market share leader, in Deep Observability, with over 4,000 customers worldwide. 

By utilising this network intelligence, Gigamon helps customers to detect previously concealed threat activity and optimise network traffic by as much as 80 percent.

Caroline Beswick, Logicalis Networking Practice Manager, expands on the relationship between Logicalis and Gigamon:

"This relationship gives us a unique opportunity to add greater value and to have different conversations with our existing customers as well as to open doors to new customers. We're not replacing any existing solution in their environment. We're bringing a new Deep Observability Pipeline to market with Gigamon, that will enhance their current workloads, provide better security, reduce costs and enable them to implement a true Zero Trust architecture. 

Traditional monitoring systems look one-directional and monitor what is of interest to it. With Gigamon, customers can monitor their entire hybrid cloud infrastructure with a single pane of glass, reducing complexity and tool sprawl,  and not just incoming and outgoing network traffic but the East to West lateral traffic moving within and across hybrid cloud infrastructure, giving full visibility with automation and orchestration. This is true Zero Trust capability."

Jon Kane, Gigamon Senior Sales Director - EMEA Channels & Alliances:


"As a truly global company with a strong presence in South Africa, Logicalis specialises in providing cloud, security, connectivity and networking, whilst supplying managed services to customers in all these areas. We’re excited to partner on new opportunities with Logicalis, bringing our Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline to joint customers to help secure their hybrid cloud infrastructure."

Gigamon’s Partner Ecosystem aligns well with Logicalis strategic partners and existing deployments with the likes of Cisco and Splunk, Fortinet, as well as the cloud providers AWS and Microsoft Azure. 

About Gigamon

Gigamon® offers a deep observability pipeline that efficiently delivers network-derived intelligence to cloud, security, and observability tools. This helps eliminate security blind spots and reduce tool costs, enabling you to better secure and manage your hybrid cloud infrastructure. Gigamon serves more than 4,000 customers worldwide, including over 80 percent of Fortune 100 enterprises, 9 of the 10 largest mobile network providers, and hundreds of governments and educational organisations worldwide.

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