Logicalis SA Strengthens Communication Solutions Through Strategic Partnership with Telviva


South Africa, Jan 16, 2024

Logicalis SA, a leading IT solutions and managed services provider, today announces its strategic partnership with Telviva, a prominent unified communications and collaborations platform, to deliver exceptional value and enhanced open-source communication capabilities to clients.


The partnership highlights the natural synergies between the two organisations and strengthens Logicalis’ capability to deliver top-tier connectivity solutions that are fit for purpose in both enterprise and SME customer environments. 

The new partnership boasts three key upgrades to Logicalis’ existing offering and is set to redefine communication experiences for its valued customers. The enhancements include the migration from a traditional PBX System to the cutting-edge LogiCall Cloud Unified Communications platform, the expansion of our Analytics-as-a-Service for call centres, and the elevated capabilities of the deep technical call centre solution support.


  • The transition to LogiCall offers unparalleled reliability coupled with advanced features that allow for effective team communication through its user-friendly interface and its ability to adapt to evolving business needs, which elegantly supports work from anywhere from most devices and elegantly supports audio, text and video communication. 


  • The enhanced technical support allows for customised solutions that are attuned to meet customers' unique needs. The solution can pre-emptively address potential challenges, which enables a faster issue resolution process. 


  • The expansion of Analytics-as-a-Service enables the delivery of real-time insights for on-the-spot decision-making, an enhanced user experience through an intuitive interface, increased efficiency with powerful automation features, advanced reporting for strategic optimization, and seamless scalability to accommodate customers' growing needs


The enhancements underscore Logicalis’ commitment to exceeding expectations, offering highly flexible, scalable solutions tailored to individual customer needs. Telviva brings an invaluable skill set, backed by substantial investments in open-source voice business technologies that will further enable the delivery of seamless, cost-effective solutions to the Logicalis customer base. 

Commenting on the partnership Lindie Ferreira, General Manager at Logicalis, said: 

"We are overjoyed about this partnership, which has been in the making for the past 18 months. This milestone perfectly aligns with our strategy to fortify our existing solutions and services business, providing our customers with a comprehensive and integrated solution. Telviva is the ideal partner, possessing undeniable skills that will enrich our service offering."

Anthony Russell, Chief Technical Officer at Telviva also added: 

"We are honoured to be part of this journey. The expertise of Logicalis, combined with that of Telviva, holds the potential to deliver enhanced efficiencies to customers and a centralised approach to open-source solutions. We take immense pride in this powerful partnership and eagerly anticipate the innovation and growth this will bring to both companies."

Together, Logicalis and Telviva are well poised to provide a higher level of service and support for all unified communication requirements, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry. 


About Telviva: 

Telviva is a leader in unified business communication, offering Cloud PBX (UC&C) solutions with a strong South African market presence. Their unified communication platform integrates various channels, including voice, video, messaging, and contact centre, into one seamless service. Telviva's solutions are accessible from multiple devices and data networks, enabling remote work. They also enhance customer experiences by integrating with CRMs and third-party cloud solutions. This scalable cloud service emphasises transparency and reliability, fostering trust. Telviva's mission is to transform business communication, driving efficiency and growth. Visit www.telviva.com to learn more.

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