What are the benefits of a Security Operations Centre (SOC)?


South Africa, Dec 8, 2023

Security operations centres (SOCs) offer many benefits to companies, either as an internal resource, or as a managed security services solution. A good SOC service can prevent a wide range of cyber threats from becoming disastrous events that can affect a company for years.

Benefits of a security operations centre:


Early detection of cybersecurity threats

A SOC usually has an experienced team of threat hunters and SOC analysts. These are seasoned IT security professionals who are trained to distinguish between normal activity and hidden IT threats and risks. Threat hunters have the professional knowledge to identify and counter common attack techniques used by malicious actors.


24/7 monitoring and response

Corporate IT teams usually work standard hours but cyberattacks normally happen after the team has left for the day. This is where a SOC team can protect the company at any time of the day and respond to threats and risks promptly.


Reduce operational costs

Security breaches are very expensive in terms of reputational and operational damage. SOC teams can help prevent or mitigate losses from data breaches and cyberattacks. Prevention of threats often results in a greater return on investment relative to the cost of the SOC service.


Assisting with security training

SOC teams can educate and train employees, contractors and other stakeholders in cybersecurity best practices. They can share their insights with management, which helps with the creation of informed IT security policies and decisions.


Centralised response and accountability

When a cybersecurity incident occurs, having a SOC team means that the response can be coordinated from one centralised source instead of many disjointed responses. This makes it easier to monitor, evaluate and report on security response actions and results.


Data classification

SOC teams can help the business properly classify data so that no sensitive data is exfiltrated or breached.


Bridging the IT security skills gap

The demand for cybersecurity skills far exceeds the available supply in many countries. This makes it difficult for companies to fully staff their IT security function and leaves them open to attacks. A SOC service gives companies access to these critical skills and helps to support their cybersecurity strategies.


Access the latest IT security technologies

Security operations centres make use of the latest IT security technologies and solutions. This helps companies keep track of the evolving threat landscape and not suffer from vulnerabilities due to outdated technologies.


Free up existing IT resources

A SOC team takes the pressure off in-house IT teams in terms of managing and responding to security threats. This gives the IT teams time to focus on supporting core business objectives and strategies instead.

Helping with business compliance

SOC teams can assist the business in ensuring that regulatory and compliance standards are met through regular reporting and documentation. Failing to meet compliance standards can result in massive legal and reputational costs.


Logicalis operates several security operations centres across the globe (including South Africa) and we invite you to find out more about how a SOC can benefit your business. 


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