What is Deep Observability?


South Africa, Jan 10, 2024

Logicalis South Africa has recently partnered with Gigamon to deliver a new Deep Observability solution to South African enterprise companies. Deep Observability offers many benefits from security to network intelligence and allows organisations to have full visibility and control over their entire network infrastructure and the information flow.

Networks no longer have clearly defined borders and have become complex and fluid. Remote work models, hybrid cloud environments, and a proliferation of end-user applications and devices have made it exceptionally difficult to keep track of all network traffic. Observability therefore becomes the foundation of enhanced network security, efficiency, and visibility. 

What is Deep Observability and why does it matter?


Deep Observability is an advanced form of network observability and intelligence that goes beyond the traditional post-event measurements of metrics, events, logs, and traces (MELT) in its efforts to detect security threats and performance issues in your network.

It focuses on real time, and current trending operating conditions across the network and digital environments. Visibility is achieved across the cloud, security, application and end-user ecosystem.

Jacques Allison, Solutions Architect at Logicalis, elaborates:

“Deep Observability is the ultimate X-ray vision, providing deep visibility and insight into any digital infrastructure, allowing customers to dissect and understand every packet of data flowing through their network.”

How does Deep Observability work?


Deep Observability technology captures and inspects each data packet across your network, providing granular insights into network activities, user and application behaviors, and potential security threats in real time. Not only the traffic in and out of your network, but potential malicious traffic moving around within your network that previously went undetected.


Achieving true Zero-Trust


There is an increased focus on implementing a Zero-Trust approach in company ICT systems. However, it’s very difficult to achieve a state of true Zero-Trust if you do not have visibility on all the packets and data streams in your cloud or hybrid networks.

This is where Deep Observability becomes crucial in accessing the information you need to achieve true Zero Trust. Deep Observability technologies allow visibility on all East-West traffic, encrypted data and container traffic in the organisation’s ICT systems. No part of the network can shelter unseen threats as everything is verified and monitored.

Deep Observability is going to become a critical part of organisations’ security posture as the threat landscape evolves.


Data de-duplication 


Another major benefit of the Deep Observability solution/ Deep Observability Pipeline from Gigamon is the ability to achieve major cost savings through data de-duplication.

Duplicated data means that you need more traffic monitoring tools to keep track of everything, resulting in “tool sprawl”. Secondly, duplicated data increases the complexity of your data and can result in major blindspots. This represents a combined security and financial threat to the business. Duplicated data also increases your data bandwidth costs.


What is GigaVUE?


GigaVUE Cloud Suite helps you see and understand everything happening in your private or public cloud environments. It ensures better security and performance by giving you a clear view of data movement across your hybrid or multi-cloud setups.

The GigaVUE appliances play a crucial role in the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline, ensuring consistent insight into your network nodes, data centers, and remote sites. They aggregate, filter, and optimise network traffic, delivering only relevant streams of information to your tools to allow for enhanced security and performance.


Jacques Allison explains how the GigaVUE Fabric Manager works:

 “GigaVUE-FM is like the traffic manager for a superhighway of computer data. It helps organise, manage, and control the flow of your network related information, making sure it goes where it needs to for analysis and security checks. This system is smart and can manage lots of data points to and from different systems, ensuring everything runs smoothly on the digital highway”

Next steps


If you’re looking for tailored solutions and more detail on Gigamon, we recommend scheduling a technical consultation with Logicalis, allowing us to have a more in-depth relevant discussion of your requirements and a personalised approach to addressing your current security and network observability challenges.

Logicalis can setup live demonstrations, as well as conduct an ROI assessment on your actual environment to show the related potential cost savings to your business as well as how quickly Gigamon can pay for itself.

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