Logicalis South Africa joins an exclusive group of companies by becoming ISO/IEC 20 000 and ISO/IEC 27 001 certified

South Africa, Feb 28, 2019

Cape Town, 28 February 2019 - Logicalis South Africa has joined an exclusive group of companies in becoming an ISO/IEC 20 000 and ISO/IEC 27 001 certified business for complying with the international standard for Information Security and IT Service Management. Logicalis SA successfully implemented these management systems within a 12 months period. With pride, the team attended the formal presentation of these certificates on Monday 25th of February. This took place at the Cape Town BSI Offices located in Stellenbosch.

Being a newly formed company we’ve aligned with our parent  company’s strategy with the objective to “deliver long-term, sustainable services to our customers through portfolio management and the continued development of its principal operating divisions – providing technology solutions and services to targeted customers in identified markets.” We strive to become a Centre of Excellence tor the rest of the group in terms of quality and integrity of our service offerings.

Attaining these certifications complimented our drive to not only achieving our objectives but to continually improve and enhance our services by staying abreast of evolving technology and practices.


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