Evolving Cloud trends

South Africa, Feb 14, 2024

Cloud technology continues to be at the forefront of innovation and a critical element to any digital strategy in 2024. As businesses increasingly embrace digital transformation, understanding and leveraging, evolving cloud trends and technologies is crucial to staying competitive in the market. 


Hybrid and multi-Cloud strategies

To enhance flexibility, businesses are increasingly adopting a combination of on-premises, public, and private Cloud services. This demand for a hybrid network is likely to increase as time goes on, with the need for a simplified approach to management to improve governance and stay on top of costs. 


Increased use of AI and machine learning

Cloud platforms are increasingly looking to integrate more AI and machine learning functionality, as we’ve started to see with Microsoft Copilots. Over the next year, these new technologies will increasingly help businesses with data analysis, automated decision-making, and improving customer experiences. 

As businesses increase the use of AI in their operations, it will be paramount that they ensure the security of their systems. This involves safeguarding sensitive data, mitigating risks of data breaches, and maintaining compliance with evolving data protection regulations. 


Continued enhanced security and compliance

Cloud providers are investing heavily in advanced security measures and compliance protocols to protect data and meet regulatory requirements in the next year. 

Businesses will need to review and rethink their security strategies to keep up with new Cloud advancements. A big part of this will be to ensure that colleagues are educated on the latest Cloud developments so that the application of cyber protection plans are effective. The encryption of data and strong security intelligence that quickly identifies growing threats will also be key. 


Sustainability in cloud computing

Matters of sustainability have become increasingly important to businesses and their reputations, so it’s no surprise there is likely to be a growing focus on environmental sustainability next year. Cloud providers will turn to greener practices like using renewable energy sources and improving energy efficiency in data centers to improve their contribution to the environmental cause. 


Tailored Cloud services and solutions

Platforms are becoming more tailored and specialised, feeling as if they are purpose-built for specific sectors. The Cloud is shifting its focus from generalised services and solutions to more tailored offerings that meet the needs of businesses and their industry. 


With ongoing cost pressures as well as opportunities from game-changing technology like AI, staying on top of evolving trends in Cloud will help businesses to deliver even more business value. Find out more about how we can help your business make the most of the Cloud.   


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